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Pro 15GB

Extra for those who cares torrent.
  • Storage 15.00 GB
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  • Private torrent
  • Seed ratio 1.5:1
  • Seed time 12 Hours
  • 1 Concurrent torrent
  • $2.99/m

Pro 30GB

Torrent like a pro.
  • Storage 30.00 GB
  • Transfer speed 18.00 MB/sec (Guaranteed*)
  • Private torrent
  • Seed ratio 2:1
  • Seed time 48 Hours
  • 2 Concurrent torrent
  • $5.99/m

Pro 100GB

Torrent like a boss, help others
  • Storage 100.00 GB
  • Transfer speed 18.00 MB/sec (Guaranteed*)
  • Private torrent
  • Seed ratio 5:1
  • Seed time 120 Hours
  • 5 Concurrent torrent
  • $15.99/m